Gazzetta dello Sport
Milan are only great to look at
Rossoneri dominate in Rome, but don’t score the goal
Thiago Silva and Pirlo stand out
Inter can go to +6, as Milito meets Genoa again
Diegoal and Juve go fourth, but Fiorentina crash
Serie B: Grosseto shock, Bianchi fires up Torino
Adriano brawl with his ex-girlfriend

Corriere dello Sport
Juve change gear!
Bianconeri win 2-1 in Florence to recapture fourth place
Prandelli fury: ‘We were denied a penalty’
Today Palermo and Napoli on the attack
Roma and Milan goalless, so Inter can go +6
Rossoneri create more, the Giallorossi risk late winner
Mou, what an opportunity against Genoa this evening
Balotelli shock: ‘The contract? There’s time…’
Serie B: Lecce earn a golden point at Mantova
FIFA reject new technology

Juve joy
Diego and Grosso conquer Florence, back in the Champions race
Zac: ‘I saw good football’
Milan let Roma off the hook
Inter try to break away
Toro -2 from Serie A!
Samp surprise, Cassano back on the bench
Barca caught by Real Madrid

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