guest writer: Juan Arango/SimplyFutbol

Seeing and following Mario Balotelli, I can sympathize with him. Although I was born in New Jersey and speak with no hint of a Latin accent I am not considered “American” (whatever that means) by many people that have read or dealt with me in the past. Super Mario plays the game the way he feels. Despite tearing up defenses in Europe and in Serie A, there is a chip on his shoulder that both drives him to be the best, yet hampers him personally.

On the other hand, he has dealt with the type of rejection very few stars have. I can sympathize with Mario, albeit on a much smaller scale. Being portrayed as the one in the family that did not know about their culture because I was not “one of them”. As much as I felt Colombian, knew the national anthem, and assimilated my family’s culture because of language barriers and, in some cases, old-fashioned hardheadedness, it was not enough. That is why I understand him for the most part. That is what is going on with Mario, Read More at our sister site SimplyFutbol… cracking stuff all you anglo-angle UK fans of Serie A.

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