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Jose Mourinho; Will he stay? Or Will he go?

Posted by Ryan Ross Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Jose Mourinho, a man who simply loves to be the centre of attention. And the centre of attention he is certainly going to be over the coming months as Inter Milan look to him to bring the European glory which they most desperately crave and the subsequent pressure begins to mount.

Mr Mourinho is a special type of person, one we don't often encounter in life. He is honest and says what he thinks. No thought or opinion is too controversial for Mr Mourinho; if you ask him a question, you sure can expect a good reply. Mr Mourinho calls a spade, a spade; he also has the intelligence and intellect to play the media as it suits him, perhaps this is his greatest skill. To some Mr Mourinho comes across as arrogant, and to others he is magnificently brilliant. He is a man who divides opinion and splits friends like no other. This is a man who leaves behind him a blaze of glory, trophies, and broken hearts. So why then, is he possibly going to leave Inter Milan this summer?

Ambition. Ambition is a term which defines Jose Mourinho well. It is something which has driven him throughout life, and especially in football. When he was at Porto, his ambition was to put the club back on the European map and cause a major upset by winning the Champions League. At Chelsea, his aim was to deliver the club its first League title in 50 years. At Inter Milan, the aim is simple, win the Champions League. For a winner like Mourinho, this is may seem easy, and yet the task is not so. Inter appear to be cursed in Europe. For so long they have struggled through the group stages, just to be knocked out at the last 16 stage. Lady Luck has not been kind to them, it's true; for the last three years they have been drawn against English opposition at the last 16 stage; the latest of which is Mourinho's former club Chelsea. Inter appeared to have a mental block when it came to facing big opposition in Europe; the team which won so convicingly in Serie A just could not turn up on the big European nights. Yet with Mourinho at the helm, they have shaken this monkey of their back; Mourinho's gladiators fought valiantly to claim a 2-1 first leg victory, and have a great chance of making the quarter-final stage by winning at Stamford Bridge in a week's time. So if Inter go through, what then?

If Inter make it to the quarter-finals stage then they have to be taken seriously as contenders to win the competition. But what if they do win the the competition? What if they don't win it? These two questions are the key to the future of Jose Mourinho. Two possible scenarios could evolve, and yet both may have the same conclusion.

Scenario 1, would see Inter being successful and lifting the Champion's League trophy in the Bernabeu on Saturday 22nd May. Jose Mourinho would ensure his place in the hearts of Nerrazurri fans for eternity and his ambitions at the club would be fulfilled. Would he be likely to stay? It doesn't seem so. Once Mourinho had brought to this club what it so badly wanted, there would be nothing more for him to do. Sure he could stay and try to retain the trophy, but would he really be interested in doing so? Does he have further ambitions to fulfill at other clubs?

Scenario 2, sees Inter failing to win the Champions League and Mourinho left with an unsatisfied Club Owner and the Italian media clamouring for his head. Jose would have to look at his situation, decide if he can develop the squad further over the summer months? And whether he has it in himself to motivate a team whilst withstanding the constant media scrutiny which he endures day-in, day-out in Italy? Would Moratti be willing to bankrole another summer of heavy spending? Would Moratti honestly believe Jose Mourinho was the right man to win the European Cup? In all likelihood, the club's owner, Moratti, is not going to be patient enough to support Mourinho in these circumstances it seems. Neither, would Mourinho be prepared to stay for a 3rd season in Milan, when he can move on and add further to his already impressive reputation.

Other factors which would contribute to Jose Mourinho leaving Inter Milan this summer are the fact he has said he wants to manage a club where he can "develop it and build a legacy;" apparently something he has not yet done. A stated desire to return to manage back in England "one day." His often strained relationship with the Italian media and opposition managers; he does not feel Italian's are appreciative of his style and methods. And also the fact there's an agreement in place for a certain Frenchman to succeed Mourinho when he does decide to go.

Jose has stated previously that he'd like to move to a club where he can "build something." He thrives in the type of job where he can become a fan's idol; it feeds his burning desire to win. In all of his previous jobs he has been at a club where the infrastructure is already in place, but now he wants to go to a club which he can develop into his own vision. By this does he mean a new stadium? Training facilities? Youth development? Or does he just want to stick to developing the playing staff? If the wants to do these things, he can't stay at Inter because most of them are already done! Perhaps the lure of developing a club back in England may prove too much.

Jose Mourinho's relationship with the Italian press has often been fraught with controversy and yet no caution is taken by him to reduce this. Jose likes to go to war with the media in Italy. He portrays his team as the victims and the press as the enemies; a siege mentality. Instances have seen Mourinho swear at a journalist whilst pushing them over; question the integrity of said journalist and then refuse to apologise for his actions. He's also offended large portions of the Italian public by criticizing his own player, Muntari, for fasting during the month of Ramadan, and thus offending those who practice Islam. War has also been waged against almost all opposition managers in Italy, and it does have to be asked if he will missed by them?

Finally, the other factor is the "secret" agreement which Inter owner Massimo Moratti has made with Laurent Blanc. It has been made common knowledge that Moratti has first option on Blanc if he decides to leave Bordeaux, which looks likely this summer. Moratti met with Blanc and managed to persuade the Frenchman to inform Inter first if he plans to leave his current position, and he'd be the natural successor to Mourinho. Blanc offers a fresh approach and his relative youth, in management terms, would be a breath of fresh air to the club. He has already proven his pedigree by breaking Lyon's hold on the French title and steering the club to the knockout stages of Europe's top competition this year. He has the personality which would ensure the respect of all players and if he were to come to Inter, then he'd be there for a considerable time it would seem.

So whilst there are options for Jose Mourinho and Inter Milan, it's not inconceivable that the Special One could stay at the club. If not, then the future's white, the future's Laurent Blanc.

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  1. Simon Said:
  2. Splendid article dear chap, most entertaining. But me and the folkes at the Duck and GUUUUUUS country club were wondering why you didn't mention Guus Hiddink in your article? Other than that though the article was spiffing.

  3. YURISTA Said:
  4. Jose Mourinho go to EPL ....


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