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How Long For Zaccheroni At Juventus? Is Rafa Benitez Waiting In The Wing?

Posted by Andy Golding Wednesday, February 3, 2022

Former Juventus manager Ciro Ferrara finally received his marching orders last week, following yet another defeat and elimination from the Coppa Italia, however with the recent appointment of Alberto Zaccheroni could he really be the Juventus manager beyond June?

Recent reports suggests a team of Juventus representatives met with Liverpool’s manager Rafa Benitez to discuss possible avenues to allow the release from his contract in the summer. Despite this there isn’t a shred of evidence from Juventus declaring their desire to bring Benitez in. Surely by installing Zaccheroni as interim manager either suggests that the board hopes still remain with Marcello Lippi taking up the Juve job for a third term after the World Cup, or if by some chance Zaccheroni achieves his objectives at the end of the season, the board will extend his contract beyond June.

Where does that leave Benitez? Do they really want him? It seems highly unlikely a resolve over his contract at Liverpool will be made especially since it isn’t due to expire till 2014, no parties involved - Liverpool, Benitez and Juventus will want to cover the compensation costs. Despite this Benitez does have a strong affection for the Italian game, which could suit his systematic style in the league additionally he is also fluent in Italian, however it remains to be seen as to where his heart lies come the summer.

With Zaccheroni claiming his first point at home to Lazio on Sunday night, there was however a marked improvement in the way Juventus performed, above all more mobility as a team, something that hasn’t been seen since the start of the season. Unlike his predecessor, Zaccheroni has highlighted the problems on the pitch indicating that the players are short of confidence, and believes he has the experience to change the fortunes at the club.

Should he succeed in achieving the club’s minimum objectives then a extension on his current deal is a possibility, and should the board fail to lure both Lippi and Benitez this could be a realistic option. However despite the early promising signs, many remain sceptical that real progress can be made under Zaccheroni in the long run.

However the board have once again highlighted another sign of their own incompetence. By offering Zaccheroni a short term deal, can the players realistically respond to the demands made of them to salvage what is left of this season? Knowing that they expect a long term manager to arrive in the summer and all slates will be wiped clean again. If that is the attitude taken on board by the players, would someone like Rafa Benitez or even Marcello Lippi be interested in taking on a club that is not in Europe next season? Certainly the former would be almost out of the question.

Right now the board are playing with fire and are clearly at crossroads with their own ‘strategic plan’ however the competition for the Juve hot seat lies heavily on the outcomes of this season.

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