tuttosport frontpage 29.01.10Tuttosport
Juve to Zaccheroni
Today the new Coach. Punch to players too.
Toro, double assault – Genevier and Reginaldo
Mutu again positive, Fiorentina chase Cassano
Milan nervy and Galliani ignores ‘cousins’
Here’s the Rossa for Alonso, Massa and…Vale

gazzetta dello sport frontpage 29.01.10Gazzetta dello Sport
Inter – Last Ciro
Another KO for Juve. Ferrara closes. Blanc: ‘We’ll decide today’
Ferrari F10: Ready and go
Mutu positive. Sentence between three months and eight years
Ghana-Egypt Final, Algerians beaten 4-0

Corriere dello Sport frontpage 29.01.10Corriere dello Sport
Balotelli lays out Juve
A goal in the 89th minute sends Inter through to Coppa Italia semi-finals (2-1)
For Ferrara a last disappointment and goodbye. Blanc: ‘Today you’ll know’
Mutu doping but it’s not a second offence: briefer stop
Moratti, no to Ledesma, announces Fernandes
Here’s the new Ferrari which has to beat Schumi

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