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Is Serie A In For Disaster With The Departure Of Star Players?

Posted by Kevin Walker Saturday, June 20, 2021

Boris/Soccerpie: Although no one will say it in public, Serie A are way behind Primera for years now, not to mention Premier League. We are not talking about the results of the clubs in the Champions League, low attendance, comical championship where everyone tries their best not to stand in Inter’s way. We are talking about something else…

Italians gave up on themselves

It is simply incredible to see the nation with such a football academy allow to turn into asylum for worn-out players and players from exotic lands. Their justification is that there is no money and it is ridiculous. Neglecting domestic players for cheap Asians and anonymous Scandinavians is a sin, having in mind what Calcio has contributed to world football.
Because, no matter what you think and how strong do you feel about your own nation, Italians are the best football players in Europe. First of all, they are the only football nation that found the solution for the Germans in the past and second of all, their football academies are not based on the kids from the third world countries, but on the system that gives results.

I know that some of you will mention the free market, the capital flow, but paradoxally, the restrictions that current financial situation in the world brings upon can help Italian football.

Marcelo Lippi is a genius, which he showed in the national squad and in Juventus. That is why his opinion that football quality in Serie A is about to grow as the number of foreigners decreases, might sound strange but he has a point there. read more at

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