African Champions Egypt bounce back from their dramatic opening defeat against Brazil, in unseating the World Champion Azzurri 1-0 at Ellis Park Stadium Johannesburg this evening and record the first upset of the tournament.

It was a header from Mohamed Homos in the 39th minute off the corner which kept Egyptian chances of making the semifinals alive and well. In beating the Italians the Pharaohs have positioned themselves to qualify for semin-final action, with their final match against a 4th place USA who have proven thus far they aren’t up to the task.

In their final group match the Italian squad will now face group leaders Brazil on Sunday, requiring most likely a win against the Samba boys.

The United States is still in contention but would need Italy to lose to Brazil and would have to defeat Egypt by a large margin. The tiebreaker would be goal differntials and currently the US is last with -5.

Italy were the clear favorites heading into today’s match but Egypt kept pace with the Azzurri the entire first half which paided off with a goal just before the interval. Italy applied pressure late in the match and had multiple chances which included several blocked attempts by Egyptian keeper Essam El-Hadary

The Azzurri simply could not convert on their chances and the Pharaohs beat them at their own game winning with by a 1 goal margin.

For a match summary see FIFA Match Summary

Egypt 1-0 Italy Goal Highlights

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  1. Such a tough loss for the Italian national team and to have to rebound against Brazil will be even tougher.

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