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Mourinho: "I'm Man Enough To Apologise To Milan If..."

Posted by Special K Friday, May 1, 2021 - In today's press conference ahead of Saturday's clash against Lazio, Mourinho responded to the comments made in recent days by AC Milan, who claimed that the gap at the top would be smaller if it hadn't been for Adriano's goal in the derby, and their midfielder Massimo Ambrosini, who said that Mourinho will live to regret saying that the Rossoneri will end the season with 'zero titles'.

"I think it's right to talk about a goal that some people think is dubious, but we should also talk about how many points have been won with irregular penalties," pointed out Mourinho. "But I prefer not to talk about it because if I do, I will have to talk about many many other things, and it's not worth it. In a championship with human errors, the best always wins. We just have to wait a while longer, but there's not long to go."

"I have no regrets. I'm man enough to apologise to Milan if, at the end of the season, I'm wrong," said the Inter coach about his 'zero titles' taunt. "I remember Ambrosini insulting ten million Inter fans when he celebrated the Champions League victory. Many years have passed and I have never seen him apologise. He's a charismatic player who has captained a great club like Milan, but I have never heard him apologise to the Inter fans, many of whom live in his same city."

Turning his attention to Saturday's visit of the Biancocelesti, Mourinho commented on the absences of Mario Balotelli and Dejan Stankovic, who miss the match through suspension, before hinting at the return of Sulley Muntari.

"Balotelli was playing very well but suspensions come in the championship and I don't see his absence as a drama because it means there won't be any risk of suspension in the last four games," Mourinho said. "Mario had adapted very well to our way of playing and so had Stankovic, who is a very important player for us when we play with a diamond midfield because he's the man we have used most behind the strikers. But Muntari trained fully with the team today and he didn't have any negative reaction."

With five games of the season left to play and a seven-point advantage at the top of the table, Mourinho has reason to be optimistic. "I'm expecting a very difficult game against Lazio, but we need three victories to win the championship. We just have to think about ourselves, and having a seven-point lead is important because it increases our confidence," he said. "I'm confident in the team. In Palermo we played one of our best first halves of the season, then we went to Turin where we played our most complete game of the season. Then we got knocked out of the Tim Cup against Sampdoria but the boys played with great spirit and empathy with the fans. And then we dropped three points in a very difficult game against Napoli, even if we deserved to draw, but this is football.

"This story of seven points is a curious story because we had this advantage for months, then we had a ten-point lead for a few games, but the lead has always been between five and seven points. Now there are just five games left and we still have this lead. Excluding the Dutch and Cypriot championships, where two teams are already champions, no other team in Europe has a lead like ours, and everyone here is talking about this story of the 5th of May."

On 5 May 2002, Inter lost out on the league title after a 4-2 defeat to Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico. Mourinho's memory is filled with more significant dates. "I remember the 1st of May, the 25th of April, which has a special meaning for you Italians and another for us Portuguese," he said. "I remember the 25th of December and the 26th of January, which is my birthday. I remember the 4th of November and the 2nd of February, but I don't know what significance the 5th of May has. If you ask me when I won the Champions League with Porto, I can tell you, but I don't know the day I lost the Champions League semi-final. Inter has to remember its important dates, not necessarily the 5th of May. And I can promise you that the day I win the Scudetto, I will remember it forever."


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