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Alex On April - 8 - 2009

Where In The World Is Inter’s Adriano?

While we were sleeping sometime last week, hours after the Brazilian national team had finished their match, their star striker Adriano had waved goodbye to Dunga and disappeared. He missed his flight back to Italy, Inter Milan were in the dark as to his whereabouts as was even his agent. His mother didn’t know. Dunga didn’t even know, but does that surprise anyone?

Rumors started flying. He was spotted in the favela where he grew up. Had he gone on another weekend long bender of drugs and debauchery after a Brazil match, or worse had he been kidnapped? Was it really that he was depressed at the breakup of his relationship with his girlfriend over a party in which he had also invited an ex-girlfriend, other women and even some transgenders? Or was it simply that Dunga started rival Luis Fabiano up front and Adriano was angry at not playing?

The reaction however, was unexpected from Inter Milan. Jose Mourinho, who banished Crespo and Balotelli to the bench for less, was uncharacteristically supportive. The club offered their help. His girlfriend Joanna Machado added some interesting information. “Adriano is totally lost”, she said, “but I no longer have the strength to deal with him.1” Not all that hard to read between the lines is it? This is a guy that she says, “likes to fly kites, walk in barefeet. There (in Vila Cruzeiro) he doesn’t play the role of The Emperor.”

Well, he’ll soon get his wish I believe. Inter are more than willing to rescind his contract at the end of the year. He’ll find work, if not in Europe then in Brazil again where his behavior will be tolerated more, but the damage has been done. A kid like him, he is still only 27 years old remarkably, will have plenty of chances until the power brokers decide that the risk is too great for the return and believe me that time has come and gone. 4 years ago in the build up to the World Cup in Germany he really was an Emperor for Brazil. Right now that Emperor looks like he has no clothes. written by: Mando

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