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The latest on the Kaka transfer saga is, City’s ‘£100m’ Bid For Kaka Flops and the question now is…. do Manchester City Sports Barons, excuse me Oil Barons lose face?

I don’t think they do however stay tuned as British media back pedal in attempts to make this an AC Milan faux pas even though it always smelt fishy.

If you have FourFourTwo this month you’d quickly realize stories of imminent transfer coming out of Britain mostly lack substance. That’s right transfer rumours/news originating from British media are correct a mere 30% of the time tops! (The Rumour Mlll; FourFourTwo January 09 edition 173, p.119)
Out of 1525 total rumours The Sun was correct on 353 of them with an accuracy of 23.15% while the Guardian was little better with an accuracy of 28.76% and 88 out of 306 correct.

So Why Didn’t Kaka Nibble On A City Offer?

Knowing the Brazilian player is staying put the media will have to explain all the back pedaling. Maybe it will be explained as an over active player-agent imagination which first spun this story of the hundred-million pound transfer. Or quite possibly blame will be placed at the feet of Milan management, with suggestions of leaking inaccurate information. Or simply the obvious yet overwhelming fan protests against management will be touted as

primary causes for why young Kaka didn’t jump and still continues to wear Milan colours, but perhaps it was something else.

Perhaps something tragic, something of a super-natural influence, perhaps superstition like hearing about the Church house falling down. On the eve of this alleged record signing the roof collapsed on Kaka’s Reborn in Christ Church killing nine and injuring 93. Disaster happened in a southern suburb of Sao Paulo around 7:00 pm Sunday while the building was occupied by up to 400 worshipers. The church was known in Brazil and abroad as the venue where the Brazilian soccer star married in December 2005.

In the eleventh hour of the Kaka-Man City drama there is obviously more at stake for a man of God then moving to the EPL for a larger paycheque. We return to the beginning of this story only to confirm once again, Manchester City has been Rejected.

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  1. Mando says:

    Not over the top at all K. It is not surprising that Kaka’s bid to Man City was a pipe dream. Since the Premiership began there have been only 4 ballon d’or winners to have played there: George Weah and Shevchenko were lured there but both were past there prime. Michael Owen and C. Ronaldo and both were products of their club’s youth development and Owen was lured to Real Madrid and Ronaldo is in the process. Fact is that players who are in their prime and looking for glory are looking to Serie A and La Liga.

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