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Walker On June - 7 - 2008

Odds on for Euro 2008

Just hours before the whistle blows to start the first Euro 2008 match, thousands of Euro 2008 bets ranging from the number of red cards tipped for the tournament, to what hairstyle footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo will be sporting.

My Top Four picks for Cup Winner

1. Italy, 2. Spain, 3. Portugal, 4. Croatia my dark horse pick.
ACHTUNG, forget zee Germans altogether mates.

Current Betting odds

Germany 5/1
Spain 6/1
Italy 8/1
Portugal 8/1
France 10/1
Croatia 13/1
Holland 13/1
Czech Rep 17/1
Greece 21/1
Russia 23/1
Switzerland 26/1
Sweden 34/1
Turkey 34/1
Poland 41/1
Romania 41/1
Austria 101/1

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