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Walker On June - 6 - 2008

Austrian Fan Lager for Euro 2008

The Schlagl brewery in Austria has developed a low alcohol content beer of 4.8 % for soccer fans visiting the European Cup this month. I guess that leaves our American travellers off the list, and more importantly under the table, as this version of light beer is above the American max, VONABAR!

Joanna Partridge, Reuters, “It‚Äôs not the official tipple of Euro 2008, but “Fan Lager” is produced along with two other breweries.”

A Beer for Euro 2008

Reuters has some excellent videos on the latest Euro 2008 News which I’ll be linking Serie A Weekly to over the next two days. Topics include, Injured Italy captain out of Euro, Criticism of new Adidas ball, Football and Faith - prayer for Euro 2008, and finally, Odds on for Euro 2008.

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